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SFG: Why We Exist

I launched this brand 10 years ago, at a time when my personal life was collapsing.  At a time when I was hoping to hold something together that was never meant to be. In that dark period of my life, I began to shower myself in the continuous inspiration I drew from my late grandfather, the key figure in my upbringing who taught me through his words and daily actions what it meant to be a man; moreover, what it meant to be a man within the context of family.  My grandfather instilled in me a tremendous work ethic, which I now look to instill into each of my four sons at every waking opportunity.  My grandfather was a self-employed business owner, and from the time I was twelve I was there working by his side unless I was at school.  Every weekend, every summer.  My grandfather was my mentor, but more importantly (to me), my grandfather was my best friend.  I experienced first hand his high devotion to quality of service and was molded within his expectations for greatness.

My grandfather was a Smith.  My grandfather was a Smith not only because of his last name, but through his efforts to develop a mastery of his craft as a professional, as a father, and as a friend.  His words meant something...His actions meant everything.  Thus, out of respect for everything I was taught by the greatest person I have known, I too have strived daily to be a Smith.  So, with that being said, I implore you to be a Smith.  Be masterful in whatever craft, whatever profession, whatever thing it is you set out to do.  And do this FOR LIFE...

I don’t ask that you support this brand for the sake of stamping you with my family name.  I ask that you join my family, a family of masters, whether you be a blacksmith, wordsmith or whatever-smith you can possibly be, regardless of last name.  I ask that you utilize the Smith F.G. mark as a reminder to yourself and others that you are among a class of individuals whom are in constant pursuit of mastery on all levels FOR LIFE and even beyond.

Ultimately, we are all family...We are all one gang...We can all be Smiths.

G. Smith, Lifetime Member